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where to start with cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures come in many forms. You can have some procedures done to shape your body or others to remove the damage of time to your face and neck. So, how do you decide which cosmetic procedures you want to have done? This is something that I struggled with for several years before I took the first step of improving my appearance through cosmetic surgery and procedures. I created this blog with the sole purpose of helping others struggling with the decisions that come with having cosmetic procedures performed find the solutions that will best suit their personal needs and desires.

4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Botox Treatment Provider

Who is the right Botox treatment provider for your needs? Botulinum toxin type A injections are the number one minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure in the United States, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. If you're ready to join the millions of women and men who have chosen this type of treatment, take a look at the questions to ask before you choose a provider.

Are You A Medical Doctor?

Botulinum type A injections differ from many other types of cosmetic procedures—such as spray tans or facials. This injectable is a medication that only a licensed healthcare professional should use. Ask the provider if they are a licensed medical doctor, what type of specialty they practice (this should include either dermatology or cosmetic surgery), if they are board-certified, and what type of additional experience/training they have.

Do You Have Other Medical Staff Members Who Work With You?

Some medical doctors employ licensed healthcare professionals who can administer injectables. These often include PAs (physician assistants), nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. Licensed medical professionals work under the supervision of the doctor. The M.D. (medical doctor) should supervise or remain on site when their medical staff provides botulinum injections to patients.

What Goals Can A Patient Achieve With Injectables?

Botox injections can help to erase fine lines and rejuvenate your appearance. But it can't completely remove deep wrinkles and won't change the overall look or shape of your face. 

Choose a provider who understands the possibilities and limitations of botulinum injectables. The practitioner should help you to achieve realistic results—without overdoing it. Injectable overuse (or injections in higher than normal amounts) can leave the patient with a perpetually shocked look of heightened or overarched eyebrows. This aesthetic goes beyond a fresh face or youthful change.

A skilled, qualified provider should help the patient to learn about the treatment and review the best ways to use injectables. They should listen to your appearance-related goals and explain (in plain language, not technical jargon) how they can help you to reach these objectives through injectable treatments. 

What Does Your Schedule Look Like?

Now that you know more about why a license, education, and experience should top your provider requirements list, it's time to move on to the practical aspects of your search. You need a practitioner who works on your schedule. If you only have time for early morning appointments, but the provider does injections in the late afternoon, you aren't compatible (in terms of scheduling). Choose a provider who has a schedule that closely matches your needs.

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